Iintegra Recruitment ATS

Iintegra is an SAAS Applicant Tracking System (ATS) web application which automate recruitment processes. It was launched at the end of 2014 as a beta to test the market until end of 2015. After validating the product, we decided to build an improved version of it which is due to be launched end of 2020.

Having joined half way through the project I was in charge of improving the design and UX, and I was responsible for the front end side of the application. I helped re-create the web app flow, designed the look for the web app and built the CSS style architecture. I have led some of the UX interviews. As of end of 2018, i've been finished to completely rebuild their 4 year old UI to give it a cleaner and fresher look, as well as revamping the userflow.

Javascript, HTM/SCSS, Jquery, React, C# integration
Design Lead, Frontend Development Lead, UX

Iintegra Rebranded ATS Portal (2018)

Iintegra Rebranded ATS Portal

Iintegra ATS Portal and Presentational wesbite (2016)

Iintegra ATS Portal and Presentational wesbite

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